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Designer, Programmer


In June of 2017, I created ISOBook as a quick and easy method of downloading Windows operating system install (ISO) files. It is very hard to find certain ones online, but ISOBook solves that problem. ISOBook is completely legal, as I do not provide any hacks or keys. I simply provide the OS itself, which won't work unless you buy the key. ISOBook can be utilized by technicians looking to reinstall their clients' OS, by people looking to upgrade, downgrade, reinstall, or update, or just to test the system if you are an OS enthusiast like me.

ISOBook has a mix of Glassmorphic Design (modern glassy UI) and Neumorphic Design (modern, soft plastic-like UI). These are fairly new UI design trends that are becoming popular. It also uses things like shadows, 3D graphics, subtle animations, depth, and different textures and materials as well to provide a sense of place, in addition to vibrant colors and gradients.

I host ISOBook on a web server inside of my house and use port forwarding to make it public.


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