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I also do web development so I can make those designs a reality.

I've been doing UI/UX design as well as HTML and CSS for about six years now.​

Although it is not my primary focus, I am also just as experienced with information technology and networking, primarily on Microsoft products - for example managing Windows Servers, Active Directory, Group Policy, Windows, Exchange Server, Microsoft 365, website domains, hosting, DNS, and more.

I create modern, visually appealing, intuitive, tailored UI/UX designs with the user in mind. I can design whatever style you are going for: whether that is minimalistic and flat, realistic/skeuomorphic, or a blend of the two: a modern, clean, user-friendly experience which also gives the user a sense of familiarity to the real world. While I always aim to make things beautiful, I never put form over function. My user interfaces are designed to be easy to use, making it as quick and simple as possible for the user to get what they need to do done, in an efficient manner. I make sure to be inclusive - ensuring that my user interfaces are accessible to everyone, no matter who they are.




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